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About me ...

I’m a writer, storyteller, poet, artist, awenydd teacher and transpersonal psychotherapist.

I grew up in a family and village who had practiced the Old Ways for many generations. We’re wild-folk who live, work and learn with Mother Earth and Father Sun, and our daily journeying brings us closer to being our true, authentic selves. I offer you this.

I live and work in a remote farmhouse in Britain, in the wilds of the Shropshire hills. I shares my home with a black, witchy cat - Kellan - who is also my familiar spirit; my ex-particle physicist husband - Paul - who’s also a radionics practitioner; my garden and her spirit, and a host of wildlife.


When I’m not writing or teaching you might find me tramping the hills, reading thrillers and sci-fi, wild-camping, watching archaeology, particle physics and/or films on TV, live on Facebook, listening to Warduna or Satie, dozing and playing with Kellan. When I can manage it, I go to play with wolves.

Looking forward to meeting you ... 



Marnie - Spain

Dear Elen, I have just this minute finished your book which I managed to order through the Spanish Amazon. I took much longer than I would, as I wanted to savour the feel and the knowledge contained in it. I must admit, that at the ripe age of 54, I feel like a child. Full of wonder, but also, so ignorant. I’m not sure how I’ve come so late to knowing Elen of the Ways. My head in childhood was always off with dragons, fairies, and flying horses!Better late than never, I suppose - I have some catching up to do!!Thank you so much for sharing your important knowledge with the world.Gratefully, Marnie

Adrienne Moon

Goddess shows herself in many ways to those who believe. This morning Arianrhod announced herself very clearly. I experienced her once in a workshop with the revered Elen Sentier and it was like a coming home. So here she is to guide me through the winter

Kathryn Bird: UK

If you are thinking about starting a course which will change your life you are in the right place!!Elen and Fiona’s courses are exciting inspirational, fun and fantastic and will give you insight into native Celtic shamanism in a unique way you won’t find with other courses. These courses provide a safe and supportive environment for your journey on the path of self-discovery with the opportunity to progress on to more advanced training I found everything I was looking for. It’s a 5 star course with a no nonsense approach to working with the otherworld. More than recommended !!!

Pam - USA

Harvest- I went through the year's mind maps. Certain concepts and themes stood out. I could feel the energy of each page as I went through them. It was very healing.

All is in order. You're not alone. All is connected and I am part of everything. Everything is as it should be. Releasing the past. I know what I need to do next. When I am lost look to Nature for guidance. Otherworld can guide me, remember to Ask and Listen

Louise - UK

Next steps definitely include the RW course for me. And to get out there and do things. Also to continue to seek advice, to listen when it comes and to be more accepting of the me I am (all parts of me) not the me I think I should be or that others might (or in reality might not) want. And very definitely to step up - to be there for myself and to advocate for OW, using the skills I have and the ones I am developing to do this.

Kim - UK

The idea of becoming like the "chameleon"  really sits well with me. Adaptability. Not being too rigid that that is impossible to do. Trying something new out even if it is uncomfortable at first. If I don't try, I will never know!

Equally if the role and environment really don't work for me, I learn to say no to them. Realise my own limitations.....

I am still a work in progress with all this!

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