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Since 2000, Elen Sentier & Fiona Dove have been teaching innovative, life-changing, forward-looking and unconventional courses in the old magical ways of Britain.

The Old Ways would elsewhere be called shamanism but here we call it Being Awenydd - that's pronounced ah-when-ith and the plural is Awenyddion. Awenydd is an ancient British (Brythonic) word still used in Wales that  means spirit-keeper and one-who-knows. The much better-known name of shaman also means one-who-knows.


The old ways of Britain have similarities with those of other lands but also differences that come out of the Spirit of Place that is the island Britain.

Elen and Fiona teach courses at the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels – you’ll find them all here. 


Explore and Enjoy …


Members get discounts on the advanced courses -

Enchanted Forest - journey to find your true, authentic self - this course opens at Equinox 20 Sep 2020.

Awenydd Apprenticeship - begin a lifetime as a co-worker with Otherworld. Apply now.

Rainbow Warriors - become a warrior who works directly with Otherworld

Working with the Elements - 2-day wildcamping weekend in Scotland that immerses you deep into your connections with the 4 Elements

Basic Runework - learn how to work-with the Elder Futharc, and the  Anglo-Saxon rune row, the Futhork

Advanced Runework - an experiential course which will require you to craft your own rune staff, rune wand, bind runes, healing, crafting and ritual

Animal Shamans - working directly with Animals who are  Shamans - this course will come at Midwinter.

All the video & audio lessons, and the longer courses involve experiential work

Flexible Curriculum

The short video and podcast lesson in the Member's Tools & Skills Caves allow you to learn at your own pace. They give you all you need to begin and then progress further.
When you have these under your belt - in your bones as we say - you may want to apply for the jEnchanted Forest journey to find and reclaim your true, authentic self.
After finding your true self, you may want to apply for the 1-year Apprenticeship. That course will take you much deeper into our Old Ways so it's good to have done the Enchanted Forest Journey first.
If you're still hungry to go deeper after the Apprenticeship then ask about doing Animal Shamanism, or maybe the Advanced, 3-year Rainbow Warriors course. You can begin Animal Shamanism anytime but you must do the Apprenticeship before Rainbow Warriors.

Meet the Team

Elen and Fiona are wilderness women who’ve followed the deer trods all their lives

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Linn Walters

jl Canada
Over the last 8 years I’ve been meandering thro your Elen books & Trees of the Goddess. I'm noticing very profoundly, the more I read, how your approach is refreshing & distinctive, creating a reading field which actually inspires a deep *sigh* of relief in me. I love that you constantly insist we learn to trust our own knowing, listen, observe, ask our guides. In an age of 'instant everything' & 'everyone's a guru' online I find this wonderful.  Its humble, ancient, real.  I have the sense you are expressing something very deeply lived // felt // experienced, which is worth far more to me, than all the glossy fat new age books out there.
Your views and interpretations are refreshing, empowering, interesting, life engendering rather than the stale, worn-out, regurgitated tropes with which so many modern books are freighted. I sense something so deeply earth-rooted & long-lived. For me, you show that Elen offers us a path, a way of BEING in the world, which requires body / mind / spirit / intuition / ordinary senses & subtle senses, all in tandem.  It’s about the Wild, the unexpected, and yet the natural. About humility. 
As for Elen … well, one could study Elen forever & never know it all.
Thank you, for all the richness shared, personal stories gifted so liberally, old ways kept alive & most of all, for holding true to your genuine experience. I feel something quite kindred in your books, its lovely.
Kathryn Bird: Exeter, Devon UK
If you are thinking about starting a course which will change your life you are in the right place!!Elen and Fiona’s courses are exciting inspirational, fun and fantastic and will give you insight into native Celtic shamanism in a unique way you won’t find with other courses. These courses provide a safe and supportive environment for your journey on the path of self-discovery with the opportunity to progress on to more advanced training I found everything I was looking for. It’s a 5 star course with a no nonsense approach to working with the otherworld. More than recommended !!!
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