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1-1 Work


I’m Elen Sentier, a transpersonal psychotherapist and awenydd (shaman). The two disciplines work well together. 

I do one-to-one work face-to-face at my home and on Zoom .

  • The fee is £100 per hour or $140

  • Negotiation about the fee is possible ...

The sessions are client-led. I suggest you book 2-3 hours to allow yourself time to get the full benefit. 

I use gestalt with objects or with tarot cards to help you get going and meet the otherworldly beings who can help you, so you'll be "daydreaming/journeying" a lot of the time.

I make notes as I walk-with you in the process and you take them home at the end of the session to refer back. Clients also take phone-pix of the "gestalt-board" throughout the process to remind them what happened.

It's a deep process and brings up a lot of "stuff" so we have a short "washup" after to bring you back to earth as well as answer follow-up questions.


You choose if/when you feel you need another 1-1 session, and I suggest further work for you to do at home too. You may want to do some of the Deer Trods courses as well.

​I live in Shropshire, the Welsh Marches on the edge of Wales. It’s a beautiful, quiet, secluded and magical land, full of gateways between worlds.

To book a session, email me

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