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I’m a transpersonal psychotherapist as well as awenydd (shaman) and the two disciplines work beautifully together. 

I do one-to-one work on Zoom now since C19 but sometimes do personal sessions at my home in Shropshire, UK.

  • The fee is £100 per hour or $140

The sessions are client-led, and the work may take several forms – a gestalt game, daydream-journeying, using tarot/oracle cards, or led visualisation. It’s a very simple but profound means for you to find your own way towards a solution right for you.

You may well find, after the session, that working in the Deer Trods Tribe will help you go further and deeper. There are lots of ways there for you to do this. And, of course, you can always have further sessions when you wish.

I live in Shropshire, the Welsh Marches on the edge of Wales. It’s a beautiful, quiet, secluded and magical land, full of gateways between worlds.

To book a session, email me at grymalkyn009@gmail.com  

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