About Deer Trods Tribe

Following the Deer Trods

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About the Tribe

The Deer Trods Tribe is about working-with Nature, that’s all the unseen realms as well as the physical world we live in. It’s about some fundamental ways of thinking that make an enormous difference to the way we live our lives and enable us to reconnect with Nature.

These ways of thinking – we call them the Old Ways – are the bones of our land, the skeleton and framework that holds the way we live. Being part of the Tribe offers you the opportunity to learn these ways and so bring the way you to live in harmony with the rest of creation.

All around us we see Earth struggle with all the things we’ve done – habitat loss, plants and animals going extinct, pollution, unimaginable weather, fires, storms, floods, the results of climate change and global warming. People find that scary, don’t know what to do about it and although they would like to change it they don’t know how. The Old Ways offer you the opportunity to change so that you can and do make a difference.

Following the Deer Trods in the old ways we learn how the world really works … and our old ways are not at odds with modern science, far from it. I’ve been fortunate in this incarnation, I fell in love with a particle physicist (Paul) so I’ve had cutting-edge science with the cornflakes for the past 46 years! What Paul shows me of that world marries so well with my own background in the British old ways, complimenting and adding to it. So our old ways don’t separate us off from the everyday world – they add more to it.

If you would like to reconnect with the natural world, integrate your everyday life with Otherworld, and know-in-your-bones that you’re truly a useful part of the Wholeness – Gaia, as Sir James Lovelock calls her – being a member of the Deer Trods Tribe is for you.

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Ancestral Ways

Our ancestors used to follow the reindeer through the seasons, spending the winter in the shelter of the forest, climbing to the heights through the springtime, spending the summer in the mountains, and then in autumn, as the nights draw in, following the reindeer back down to the forest. Grandmother Reindeer, with her long years of experience and knowledge, led the herd, passing her skills and wisdom down to other females one of whom would take her place when she chose to pass over into the Summerlands. And we humans followed the herd, learning from Grandmother Reindeer, and from all the rest of the herd too, right down to the youngest calf. We learned how to walk the seasons, talk with the animals and the trees, the mountains, rivers and the sea; we learned to know the spirit worlds too, and how to walk them as the deer do.

These skills weren’t lost when our people were invaded and our lives changed. Indeed, until the coming of the Romans and Christianity we all walked our paths, with our different traditions, without coming to blows very much. At first, when the Christians came, things didn’t change too much and we were not really oppressed but with the Norman Conquest that changed abruptly. Now, anyone not professing the Christians’ belief system were heavily and physically oppressed. So we went into hiding. outwardly we professed whatever was required to keep our bodies whole; inwardly we held to the Old Ways. We hid in plain sight, looked and behaved like everyone else, so they thought we had been stamped out, gone away, disappeared … but we hadn’t.

My family can go back that far. Name changes, place changes, but still in our hearts keeping the spirit of our ancestral ways. Now, since the millennium, those of us holding these old ways have gradually “come out”. We can again to offer the old ways to any who want to know them. Becoming part of the Deer Trods Tribe is one way you can join us.

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How Deer Trods Tribe was Birthed

The Tribe came about by accident … as so many Otherworldly things do, or appear to do. From a lifetime of working with Otherworld I don’t believe too much in accidents any more 😊. This one grew in me through an injury, again so many magical things do that too. It’s interesting to remember that the French word for a wound or injury is blesse … and that’s where our word blessing comes from. So the Tribe grew out of a blessing.
My guardian-guide, Gwyn ap Nudd, told me to walk up his mountain, the Caradoc Hill that I see from my living room window every day – here it is viewed through the front gate. It’s a beautiful pointy mountain with a cave hidden at the top and a lovely mountain pool – straight out of the story books. So I did. He led me up one of the hardest routes but I made it to sit at the mouth of the cave looking back at my house across the valley, drinking in the energy. Three days later my back went! I was in agony and completely stopped from doing anything. I should add I’m a workaholic and very stubborn so stopping me is always a feat!
While I was still – at last – Gwyn told me Otherworld needed me to begin a new form of teaching, one that would attract different folk to the Apprenticeship and advanced 3-year Rainbow Warrior trainings I’ve been doing since the 1980s. I was to use lots of video, YouTube and short lessons that people could do at their own pace, but it must still have structure and coherence so the whole, including the more advanced courses, would hang together. And I must include a foundation course – he and Elen of the Ways said to base this in the old tales of our land about the Enchanted Forest. I love the idea and had been wanting to do an Enchanted Forest course for years! The foundation course prepares people for going deeper by helping them discover their true selves. Every magician, wyzard, witch, sorcerer, shaman and spirit keeper needs to do this, unless and until they do they have no real roots to base their new learning in. Our old stories of the Enchanted Forest are teaching tales that example how to do this.
So, while sat on the sofa with my feet up and my back reasonably comfortable, I began roughing it out, and it flowed, but I struggled with what to call it. Then another of my guardian-guides appeared, Elen of the Ways. ‘It’s the Deer Trods Tribe,’ she told me, ‘one of my tribes. You’ve followed the deer trods all your life. Now I want you to hold the energy for people who want to come follow them too.’
So here it is, the Deer Trods Tribe …
The Tribe is about learning the Ways of the Old British Magic, the ancient wisdom of our land, Merlin’s land, the island of Britain. It’s a community of folk learning to walk their own paths into, through and out the other side of the Enchanted Forest, offering easy, accessible ways to acquire the skills you need as well as pointers on how to find and follow your journey.
There are two of us as guardians of the Tribe, Elders, that’s me, Elen Sentier, and my longtime friend and colleague, Fiona Dove. We’ve both walked the deer trods all our lives so we’re here to help when things get sticky and rough as they always do on everyone’s spirit-path. While we may well not have had your experience we’ve probably had enough others similar enough to be able to offer some useful advice. We also offer shoulders to cry on and friends to laugh with as well as companions who see a very similar sunset to the one you do; and we’ve usually got handkerchiefs for you to mop yourself up with, and we give lots of encouragement for you to take the next step.
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Warm wishes from between the two lights,
Elen & Fiona