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Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow Warriors is an advanced, experiential, 3-year course in being Awenydd - that's what we call shamans in the native British tradition.
It follows on from the Apprenticeship.
·        The cost is £1800/year

You must do the Apprenticeship before you can begin Rainbow Warriors. This gives you the basic groundwork from which to go forward.

​Doing the Rainbow Warriors advanced course takes you deep into the spirit-structure of the universe and how it works. You become - and know yourself to be - a part of Mother Earth and so of the Universe. The work is about making whole … becoming whole and fully authentic in yourself, working-with instinctively and intuitively the rest of creation, and helping others enable themselves to do the same.

You can be and work as a Rainbow Warrior in any walk of life – there are Rainbow Warriors wo are teachers, in the police and armed services, working with the land and animals, writers, artists and poets, there’s even a banker I know of 😊. Mother Earth doesn’t discriminate. All she wants is for you to love her enough to learn with her how to be useful. Doing her work is a joyful and life-changing experience.

If you feel this could be for you try the Deer Trods, apply for the Apprenticeship and let's get to know each other. Then you can discover if what I have is what you need and want.