ReWild Your Heart

6th Feb 2022

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At heart, we are all still wild creatures and our hearts yearn for that wildness.

We've been conditioned into being normal, civilised, to work within the rules - the rest of Nature hasn't read that rule-book! To rewild the Earth ... maybe just starting with our garden ... we need to bin that rule-book too and learn how the Natural World really lives.

This ReWild Your Heart masterclass is an introduction to a longer one I'll be doing in 2022. Doing this one will give you and idea of how I work as well as introducing you to the themes rewilding is built on.

I've been rewilding places, gardens, people for over 40 years now, my own practice has grown and expanded over those years with all the experience I've gained from helping others. I'm in process with rewilding my 3rd garden here in Shropshire. The long course will include work for you to do on your own garden ... anything from a window box to several acres 😊.

Looking forward to meeting you on this introductory masterclass ... 

Heather Dewhurst

Thank you for holding this space for us this morning. I found the questions you posed, as well as your insights, were not only thought provoking, but enabled me to begin to understand how I can recognize, question and release myself from learnt patterns/rules. My journey continues with the actions you suggested, to get out there and just be...observe without putting it in 'order' and doodle!

Michelle Devitt

Thank you for a lovely morning!

It was a joy and a pleasant surprise to realise that I'm not alone in my thinking, it was really life-affirming to connect with people on a similar wavelength and share thoughts and ideas.  Thank you for a gentle discussion on what is really important in life, and for the advice to help deepen the Nature Relationship. Hope to connect again sometime!

Nina Saxton

I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar. I am already on this path and Elen's words re-affirmed what it is I need to do to come into balance with everything around me. I also learned a few extra tips and techniques to help me! Iam a visual too so the pictures were a great way to stimulate conversation. I have to admit-I also got quite a bit from the collective wisdom of the other women who participated in the webinar. It was an absolute pleasure to meet such like-minded souls. Thankyou Elen for bringing this work into our living rooms-where ever we are in the World 🙂

Nancy Lowe

Thanks from me too Elen. This was a really lovely event and it was great to connect with the others on the course and to share our thoughts and have some great conversations, so thanks for the inspirational prompts throught the course and for providing this lovely space where we can meet to talk about it all. So nice to see that although we came from all sorts of different places, we had so much to share, so much in common. 😄

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