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Individual 1-1 Sessions

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I’m a transpersonal psychotherapist as well as awenydd (shaman) and find the two disciplines work well. together.  I do one-to-one work on Zoom and face-2-face when possible at my home in the Stretton Hills of Shropshire.

  • The fee is £100 per hour or $140

  • Negotiation about the fee may be possible ...

The sessions are client-led. They're a journey into unfinished business that impedes your path. I use gestalt with tarot cards to help you get going and find your way, and meet the otherworldly beings who can help you. The journey can be done on Zoom or face-to-face.


1-1 work gives you space and time - up to 3 hours - to explore issues. They may be recent or loom out of your past, even apparently recent ones often have their roots far back. Healing happens when you address the issue - physical, emotional or mental - and gradually befriend it. In the Old Ways we never exorcise things, we make fiends with them, learn how and why they come to be there, and so become conscious of the ties that bind us together. We find out if the ties should still be there and, if not, negotiate so we can both be released.


I use a form of gestalt with tarot cards to help you see yourself and find the allies  and the antagonists you need to work-with to resolve things. Zoom sessions are recorded and I send you the recording after the session. During face-to-face sessions I make notes and you photograph how the board changes as you work through the Journey. It's a deep process and brings up a lot of "stuff" so we have a short "washup" after to bring you back to earth as well as answer follow-up questions. Follow-up sessions are available and you may like to do some of the short Deer Trods courses as well.