About the Apprenticeship

It’s good to read some of my books to help and my seasonal newsletter you decide if what I have is what you want. Doing the 8 Silver Deer Trods Tribe courses is vital preparation for doing the Apprenticeship, and you’ll find the first 5 of the Gold courses invaluable too.


As Ursula le Guin says in Left Hand of Darkness, It’s good to have an end to journey to but it’s the journey that matters in the end.


The apprenticeship is a journey. It’s a path to knowing yourself and through that to knowing the universe – for that is what the Old Ways teach you. It’s about learning to reconnect with all the seen and unseen worlds within which we live although we may not yet know them. It’s about reconnecting to the realm of the Faer Folk, the Tylwyth Teg as we call them, and learning to work as colleagues and co-workers with them.

It’s a strange and crooked path that weaves its way into and through your whole life and turns you inside-out and upside-down in the process, taking you way out of your comfort zone. I liken it to the caterpillar’s journey to become the butterfly, where s/he dissolves into Butterfly Soup … then re-solves to become the butterfly. The apprenticeship will do this for you.


The application process is open now and ends at 30th June.


When you complete the application form and send it to me that begins a conversation where we both get to know each other. The process may take a while as we walk and talk together slowly, exploring each other. It helps you feel into whether what I have is what you want, and it helps me know that too. Some students find it useful to do some 1-1 Work with me on Zoom before making up their minds.

The Work

The work runs to the timetable of the eight Celtic seasons so you get one lesson for each season. You also have a residential pre-course weekend here at my home, 3 further residential weekends through the year, and a 5-day residential workshop in the summer. We have regular meetings on Zoom. The course begins with some pre-course work from Lammas, and you begin your first lesson at Samhain. Each lesson lasts for the whole of the season and you do need all this time to absorb it and digest your feedback.



You’ll be part of a private Facebook group – only your year-colleagues, myself and my colleague Fiona Dove are members. The group is vital for all your work, you get feedback there each time you post some work you’ve done, and all the work is shared amongst your year-group. Everyone benefits hugely from this


The lessons are very experiential, lots of doing and some reading work too. I ask you to do as much of the work as you can outside, being physically out in nature, amongst the wildlife, makes an enormous difference and helps you reconnect with all the non-human world both physical and non-physical. All of the denizens of the natural world are our Elders, far older than us humans, so we can and should learn from them. Doing this helps you reconnect with your own spirit-self. You learn to integrate and include your everyday life with spirit rather than separating the two things – only humans ever do this separation, spirit is everywhere and in everything. The Old Ways, following the deer trods, are about inclusiveness, an and/and universe, not our usual either/or separation. Otherworld wants us to be part of them and they want to be part of us; they don’t want to be shut away in a cupboard, taken out at weekends or when we go to a workshop.


Students who have done the apprenticeship may continue onto the 3-year advanced training, Rainbow Warriors. We talk about this (if you wish) at the end of the year.


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