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Animal Shamans

learn from our elder brethren

with Fiona Dove

From time to time you may see someone who calls themselves a ‘bee shaman’ or a ‘horse shaman’ – meaning they’re a human shaman who mostly works with that species of animals.
This is not that kind of shamanism – there’s nothing wrong with that kind of shamanism, but this is different. Animal Shamans is a course where human students learn from animals who are shamans!
This course will help you to get in touch with the wisdom of your cat, or dog, or horse, or ferret – or whatever. Every species of animal has its own wisdom to pass on and every animal can, if asked politely and respectfully, pass some of that wisdom on to a human who’s ready to listen.
You’ll lean how animals work with humans, and how you can Be Present with them; how to ask, listen and hear them without interpretation; how to ask for their permission to work with them and how to know when they’ve granted it. The animals you work-with will show you how to link and twine your consciousness threads with theirs so you can understand the wisdom they have for you.
There will also be a week-long non-residential workshop here in Aberdeenshire in August 2021, where you can practice what you’ve learned, hands-on with some of the animals who share my life, and take part in various activities that will help you connect with animals in new ways and learn to experience the world as they do.