Apprenticeship Application

Read these questions carefully and think about how you FEEL – your feelings are more important than your thinking! This is a difficult and personally stretching course, it turns students’ current concepts on their heads which can be quite difficult to learn to live with – not everyone wants this.  I need to be quite sure that you will find the work appropriate.

The application is a process. It asks you questions and this sets off a conversation between us so we both get to know each other better – so you are able to know for yourself if this is the work you wish to do. The more fully and deeply you answer these questions the more you will know about yourself, your real wants and needs, and I will have a much better idea if this work will be suitable for you.

Please copy and paste the application form into a WORD document [NOT a PDF !!!]

Complete and send it as an email attachment to Elen Sentier

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Application Form

  1. Your name
    • address
    • telephone number [including Country Code]
    • email
    • web site

  2. Your gender

  3. Your age & date of birth

  4. Are you married, living with a partner?

  5. Do you have children?

  6. Are you reasonably fit? Tell me about any chronic illness; smoking; breathing difficulties or asthma; epilepsy; heart condition; any drugs, e.g. steroids for arthritis, insulin for diabetes or other medication; any complimentary therapy. All of these things can very much affect how you are able to work – I need to know about them and how you find they affect you.

    • Please note – people with psychological or psychiatric trauma, chronic depression and related conditions will not find this course suitable to them.

  7. What does shamanism mean to you? A desire to help other people may not always be of service, nor will the need to heal people.

  8. How you see yourself, and human beings, in relation to the other kingdoms of nature.

  9. Are you willing to learn what the other kingdoms want you to do?

  10. Do you have animals? Experience with animals is very important. You may find it quite difficult if you do not already have a good and respectful relationship with animals. Watching, book-learning and scientific study are not really adequate.

    • During the course you may well find a real-live Familiar comes to live with you. If you are averse to sharing your life with animals this course won’t be for you.

  11. Do you have experience in working with –
    • Plants, trees, gardening
    • Birds & air creatures
    • Water creatures
    • Minerals
    Please show me how you feel and work with the other kingdoms.

  12. What is it that attracts you to the old ways of Britain?
    • We are/were celts but the British way is very little known except amongst those of us who follow them. Celtic often means the Irish Gaelic ways because this has been extensively written about since the 1980s/90s.

  13. The teaching I offer comes from the ways I was brought up, from my parents and the elders of the villages where I grew up. It does not come from core shamanism and indeed is very different in many ways. We British who follow the old ways have been in hiding for over 2000 years now so we’re very good at it – even other Brits don’t notice us most of the time! Is this what you’re looking for?

  14. Have you trained with any other shamanic tradition?

  15. Have you any Journeying experience?

  16. Have you any other esoteric or spiritual practice or training? If so, where were you taught and by whom?
    • It’s not necessary to have any such experience but if you have been taught already I need to know what system you have been used to. Please tell me about it.

  17. Do you have any skills in complimentary/alternative therapies?

  18. Do you record your dreams? If so, how long have you been doing this? Do you draw them as well as write?

  19. Please list, in order, ten of your favourite books – fiction and non-fiction, biography, text books, religious, whatever. Please don’t get stuck in offering me “Celtic” books. If you like Star Trek, Jane Austin, Agatha Christie, Dashiel Hammet, Dickens, Tolstoy, Asimov, particle physics, history, medical law or computer science please tell me.

    • It may sound odd but I want to know what you really like – not what you think I might like!

Looking forward to beginning a conversation with you 😎

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