Apprenticeship Fees

APPLICATIONS for the 2021/22 entry close at 31 July 2021


Please note that because of COVID-19 work is now almost all online through Zoom and a secret Facebook group for each year’s students.


  • FEES: £1800/year … Overseas: £1900 to cover PayPal transfer fees

  • A non-returnable deposit of £180 (£190 for overseas) reserves your place

  • Cancellations after 1st Sep may be liable for the whole fee

  • Payment by BACS (or PayPal for overseas students)

  • Places for up to 8 students


I’m happy if you need to pay by instalments.

  • The usual rate – after the non-returnable deposit – is £190/month beginning 1 Sep of the joining year.

  • The first instalment must be paid by 1st September, thereafter on the 1st of each month.

  • Payment by standing order or monthly PayPal please, on the 1st of each month.

  • Click on the Payment Plan below to pay by instalments ... 


Payment Plan Here


The fee covers … all tuition, including the pre-course notes, the 8 lessons, feedback, Zoom meetings and seasonal workshops, and the 5-day summer workshop. I’m always contactable via Messenger, Skype and email for personal help.

COVID-19 – At the moment, I’m doing all work via Zoom.

If/when it’s safe again to meet face-face, I’ll reintroduce the  the 5-day residential workshop at my home here in Shropshire. 

The themed seasonal Zoom workshops run from Fri night to Sun afternoon. They all ask you to do exercises and journey work at home, we share this via Zoom each day. After Imbolc they include taleweaving and storytelling work as well as a means of sharing your findings. Stories have always been a main way we gift our work to our people in the old ways.

I’ve been working on Zoom for over a year now and it’s going well. Some deep friendships have bee made between students all over the world. Students also find doing the exercises in their own surroundings has really brought home to them that they really can do this work without being physically next to me 😊. That everywhere is sacred and otherworldly beings really do permeate everything and are everywhere, and they can talk with them anywhere. Students who’ve been with me since before COVID say this is better than “going on holiday” to stay with me as they ceased being afraid they’d fail when they got home again. It seems otherworld is very happy to work this way 😊


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