Live, Interactive Zoom Masterclasses

Beginning in 2022, I'm offering online Masterclasses on all sorts of topics in British  native shamanism. Some will be short as a morning, others a whole day, and I'll be doing longer ones over several days. Each is complete on its own so you can learn them as modules and grow yourself in stages.

they will be interactive and experiential. You learn and practice the new skills in each Masterclass, and the longer ones will include homework as well.They will expand your skills, and your perspective on both Otherworld and Thisworld, as you follow the deer trods and rewild you heart and your life.


Payment Plans are available to help you with the cost of the series webinars

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Rewild Our Hearts

ReWild Our Hearts 

set of four 90-minute webinars in 2022.

Members get  discount.


Numerology: Dancing the Spirals of Time is a series of webinars for people interested in how to work with their numbers. The webinar series is very experiential so you find your own way through the numbers and your own answers, rather than simply learning by heart what someone else has written. It includes short talks, small group work, sharing, discussion and homework.

Each session is 180 minutes, including a comfort break half way through.

The ways of working come from my experience as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist as well as from my lifelong work as a British shaman.

You will need to get the book, Numerology: Dancing the Spirals of Time, as an adjunct to the course.

The course will begin in Summer 2022.

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Hunting the White Stag

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