Elen Sentier

Following the Deer Trods
I’m a transpersonal psychotherapist as well as awenydd (shaman) and the two disciplines work beautifully together. I do one-to-one work here at my home . 
The process takes about 3 hours and the fee is £270.
The sessions are client-led, and the work may take the form of a gestalt game, journeying, using pictures and/or cards, or led visualisation.
It’s very simple but very profound, and enables you to find your own way towards a solution right for you.

The background is the new moon setting over the Caradoc by me

Winter Moon over Caradoc sunset  by Tim

About Me


All my life I’ve walked the Deer Trods of Elen of the Ways – the Ancestor, the Lady of the Boreal Forest. I grew up in the old shamanism of Britain, in a family of cunning folk who’ve practiced the old British ways for many generations. I’m a quirky, unconventional person with an intensely strong connection to nature. As well as teaching I write about the Old Ways of Britain.

I now live in Shropshire, at a wonderful, isolated old farmhouse 500ft up, in the middle of an organic farm, in the Stretton Hills. I share this with my husband Paul (ex-particle physicist), my witch-cat Kellan, and a host of wildlife.


When I’m not teaching or writing you might find me  walking the wild hills of Shropshire where I live. Or wild-camping on Exmoor, Dartmoor, or Brittany, the Pyrenees; or the Highlands of Scotland, or staying with my friend and colleague, Fiona Dove, at her croft in Aberdeenshire. 

The background is Winter Moon over the Caradoc by Tim Walkeley
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As well as all the short courses Fiona and I teach there are some longer ones that offer a the opportunity to make a more personal relationship with otherworld.

Enchanted Forest is the first course for people who want to explore the old ways and find their true, authentic selves


It leads you to the 1-year Awenydd Apprenticeship course that follows on from Enchanted Forest - Awenydd is how we call spirit keepers and ones-who-know, you may know them better as shamans. The apprentices learn more ways of working-with our Mother Earth to help her keep Earth safe.

The Apprenticeship leads on to a 3-year advanced course, Rainbow Warriors. The Warriors come to know the skills and ways of the Earth at a much deeper level. They go on to take all this knowing - we call it kenning - out into the world.

The background is Am Bodach in Glen Coe from a holiday with Fiona