Glossary & Questions

Things you'll want to know

Assumptions – we all make these, assume we understand when it’s far more likely we don’t!


Awenydd – pronounced ah-when-ith, old Brythonic (British) word meaning Spirit-Keeper and One-Who-Knows. Similar meanings to the Tungus word shaman.


Becoming Awenydd – the caterpillar turning into butterfly-soup in the chrysalis as s/he remakes themselves into a butterfly.


Butterfly Soup – what the caterpillar does inside the chrysalis in order to become a butterfly! From Richard Bach long ago, What the caterpillar calls a nervous breakdown the master calls a butterfly 😊


Cauldron – the place where things cook and brew, we put our thoughts and idea in here to allow them time and space to mature.


Conclusions – what we all jump to far too readily, and they’re nearly always wrong!


Expectations – we all have these! And they just have to go, every time we notice we have one because they completely clutter everything up and so make it impossible for us to learn the New Stuff!


GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out! We have to know this to work with otherworld. If we give them garbage they will give it back to us!


Lowerworld – the place where everything-that-has-been is stored, place of the Ancestors.


Middleworld – our everyday reality and it’s spirit counterpart, the 2 halves of one whole. The place where everything IS …


Otherworld – how we call all of the usually unseen reality.


Spirit – all the beings and places that are not physical – includes our own spirit-bodies.


Talk-With – different from talking to, or talking at! You’re of equal importance – but maybe not experience 😊 – with whoever you’re talking with.


Thisworld – how we call the everyday world we mostly live in.


Upperworld – the place of ideas and potential, where everything-that-will-be is stored.


Work-With – to learn to be the colleague of what/who you work with, neither master nor servant.


WYSIWYG – this is how we have to be with otherworld … and it’s how they are with us. With otherworld it’s always What You See Is What You Get 😊