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Members' Cave

become a member of the Deer Trods Tribe to learn the Tools & Skills you need to follow the deer trods

We suggest you do the courses in order. You'll need the Core Tools so spend the time to  really get them into your bones.
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Tools Cave

the basic tools you need for getting around in Otherworld 

  1. Earth/Sun - core 
  2. Asking - core 
  3. Listening - core 
  4. Hearing - without interpreting - core 
  5. Sit-With - core 
  6. Being Present - core 
  7. Noticing core 
coming soon ...
  • Sacred Space

  • Protection

  • Preparation & Follow-up for rituals

Gold Members



Skills Cave

the more advanced skills

  1. 6-Armed Cross - core skill
  2. The Interface - core skill
  3. Interface Advanced
  4. Familiar Spirits
  5. Subtle Bodies
  6. Move to the Seat of the Soul
  7. Making Mistakes Successfully
  8. Alchemical Composting

Further Courses

Silver marked S

Gold marked G

More Tools and Skills coming through the Winter.

G - Animal Magic
G - Tree Magic
G - Water Magic
G - Stone Magic
G - Threshold Magic
G - Land Singing
G - Walking with Dragons
G - Moon Vigil
S - Living the Seasons
S - Birthing Hallows
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Background pic is the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd

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