Tree Magic


The course is over 14 months. You can join it at any time and receive your first lesson on the following 1st of the month and for the next 13 months.
The first lesson introduces you to the work, the following 13 lessons cover the 20 ogham trees, including Mistletoe, and the Moon Months that go with them, and show you how you may use the Ogham for divination.
​You work through each lesson at your own pace – but you’ll still get the next one on the 1st of the month so you can store them up if you find you need to go more slowly. There’s lots of experiential work for you, not just reading, and I give you an idea with each exercise of the time you’ll need to do it. Please don’t go faster than I suggest as you need the time to digest each bit I give you the minimum time. The way to work with the trees is to do each exercise and then put it away and do something completely different, allow it to brew and then come back to it later. That way you’ll find a whole load of new insights have brewed up in your mind-cauldron 😊. The exercises will help you find your own ways of working with the trees of the goddess.
When you've done each lesson email me your mind map, pix and a brief note on how you feel doing the work has changed and grown you, as well as questions and problems that come up for you.

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